Saturday, July 22, 2017

Eyes of the magical Ariki

Whainga Ako: Listen to the matariki story on YouTube then, then add our own pictures to the story, and write the story into a google slides presentation.

What did you find challenging? : Drawing the pictures, took around 10-20 minutes, and it was the most challenging part of the mahi.

What does your digital item represent? : My full google slides presentation, that includes the entire story of the Eyes of Ariki, remade by me.

What did you do to learn it? I replayed the YouTube video many times, to get the words correct, I also looked at the pictures several times to get it correct.

What might you do differently next time? : Use poly-lines instead of normal lines, because you can't change the lines fill colour, also change the shape of Ranginui and Papatuanuku.

What was the best part? : Starting the matariki story definitely, I love starting new things.
Why did you do this? :  It was the matariki unit, for five weeks, so we had to do matariki mahi.

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