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Summer Learning Journey : Week 2

DAY 1 : ACTIVITY 1 : ST. JOSEPH'S CATHEDRAL (Also known as Find a cathedral)

Whainga Ako : Using Google, (or any other search engine) find a cathedral, find the name of it and see when it was built and how long it took.
St. Basil's Cathedral
I picked this specific Cathedral, because I was one of three to pick this picture, in the dot to dot challenge, I wanted to go for something, no-one else wanted and besides, there were no other pictures. I thought it was a castle. However, instead it was a cathedral, I learnt a crud ton about it.

The cathedral is located in Moscow, Russia and it was built in the 1600s, owned by Ivan the terrible. It took around 240 years to build, because it was built ten times and was destroyed once, and was upgraded around the other 150 years.



Whainga Ako : In Saudi Arabia, women were not permitted to vote (until 2015.) Do you think this is fair? Why or why not?

I believe it is unfair, and I am most certain that this is sexist. Women can vote in our land, but why not in Saudi Arabia? Will it cause a critical crisis, or something that will harm their country? It was definitely unfair, for them.



Whainga Ako : Tell us, what do you think about l about the poem, Flanders's field?

I feel a tiny bit confused reading this poem, are we dead or alive? The second paragraph, answers that. It says that the dead bodies are in Flander's field. The spirit or the grave? Are we talking to an alive human? I have quite a lot of questions? I enjoyed the poem, because of it's rhymes, on every first four sentences of a paragraph.



Whainga Ako : Do you think you would enjoy watching a silent movie? Why or Why not?

I would enjoy watching a silent movie, because it is comedic, the music is pretty the voice acting, and then it moved into romantic scenes, I kinda looked away 40% of the time, because I don't like watching movies, too "mushy". Then, it hooked me back in, with the comedic acts.



Whainga Ako  : Rate this art piece, from 1 - 5, after, tell us why you rated this.

I rate it a 4/5 stars, good painting. It must've taken a long time to make this picture, it is truly a masterpiece. I like it because, it has colours complimenting each other, e.g. gray and cyan.
I also like it, because it has creases on the shirt, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who does that!



Whainga Ako : Write a poem, about if you were a member of the flight crew, and also include how you felt.

                                        We arrived in Christchurch, curious as a kitten.
                       As, happy as can be, we cheered and laughed for a safe landing.
               We felt overjoyed, and started walking around. This almost felt like home.
            Peaceful, calming and bright, it was like we were meditating under a waterfall.  
 We reported back to our home,  A momentous occasion,  that will stay in our hearts forever. 



Whainga Ako : What do you do to deal with stress? Write down, what you would do to relax and calm down.

I would read books made by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, because the books they make are the bee's knees! I also would eat a comfort food, junk food, sweets, ice-cream, etc.. Or I would just do both. Another method, is to just sleep. 



Whainga Ako : Imagine if you were alive in the 1930s, what would you do to help these families, be as creative as you can!

I think, I would do a crud ton of cooking, with my friends! We could knock on people's doors and give them some kai and a two litres drink bottle filled with water. I know my friends, are good people, so I don't think they'd refuse. It would be for the sake, of our town/city after all!



Whainga Ako : If you were visiting a family in 1930, what would you bring them?

I would personally, bring them some clothing, shoes, socks, hats (preferably snap-back caps) and anything related to stationary, colouring pencils and notebooks most likely, I would bring stationary, because our whanau, is pretty smart, and we always use a piece of stationery up very quickly. The last thing I would bring would be a barbecue set!


DAY 4 : ACTIVITY 1 - ANOTHER WORLD WAR (1939 - 1945)

Whainga Ako : Write down two major events in the second world war, then summarize the things that happened, also write down who was involved and where did it take place?

3rd September, 1939 : Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany
France and Britain demanded Germany, the immediate withdrawal of the German forces, in Poland. Then Hitler accused Britain of encouraging Poland to pursue a policy of provocation. Then the countries (in the title) declared war on Germany.

26 May: 700,000 incendiary bombs fall on Tokyo
The United States bombs Tokyo, and even though, Tokyo did have good aircraft defence. They were still affected by the impact. The bombs had clusters of thirty eight, things looked good for the US, because there were barely any winds. It was not looking good for Tokyo, they had already made, earthquake-proof buildings, because of the common earthquakes. The aftermaths, were horrible, being firestorms that spread through the city, at high speeds.



Whainga Ako : Find out one winner of the VC (Victoria Cross), Find out, who was he and why did he receive the Victoria Cross.

James Ward was the first airman to ever receive a Victoria Cross. He got it when returning, from a raid in the German City of Münster. When his plane was set on fire, by an enemy fighter plane, James climbed out of the plane, and put out the fire. Eventually the fire just burnt out, by itself. After, he returned to the base, heavily injured. Two months later, he died, when he remained at the controls of the aircraft, hit by flak over Hamburg.



Whainga Ako : Finish the story provided to you, to earn all of the points, you must have 8-10 sentences.

One day you are walking along the deck of the ship when you hear a loud bang. You start to run as you see smoke coming from the far end of the ship. You run towards the room where your patients are waiting to receive treatment from the doctor. Just as you arrive at the door to their room you hear another loud bang and you…

I quickly go in and greet my patient, trying to completely ignore, what happened. Maybe the patient got bored, and started banging the wall impatiently? I asked him if he heard the banging. He says he did, but he thinks it's minor. I ask him, if he saw any smoke, outside of the medical ship. He tries to rush out, to see. However, I block him and say he isn't treated yet. He calms down and remains motionless, as I complete, putting bandages across his left leg. I suggested to him, that he gets extended bed rest, he agrees, and goes to the bed. After I mend the second patient's injuries and wounds. Then I sneak into the captain's room. I talk to him about the smoke on the far end of the ship. He chuckles and says that the Chef, must have been doing a terrible job. Then I hear it. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Fire aboard the ship!! I quickly rush out, and see a massive flame covering half of the ship! The patients inside! I gasp. The captain, orders us to get buckets filled with water. We put out the rampaging fire, and we all take a sigh of relief. Luckily, no-one was hurt. We were told, that the banging was caused by a four to five birds pecking at the deck. Coincidence? Maybe... However, I think not...

(I thought I was the doctor, halfway through I realised I was the nurse. I also realised it was to late to go back)



Whainga Ako : Imagine, you were celebrating the day of VE, write down what would you plan out for the party.

I would invite my best friends and my whanau. (This would be around when I'm 14-16)

We would first go for a swim, at a local swimming pool. Doing bombs and swimming contests, after at around 12:00PM, we would set up the barbecue and play some golf and go biking. At 12:40PM We would prepare the food, (Ribs, Hamburgers and Sausage Sizzles.) and we'd also order some fish and chips. After we'd go to the skate park, buy some ice cream, and play games here. At 1:30PM we'd play card games and board games. At 2:40 I'd set up some movies, we could watch. At 4:30, we'd play games digitally and non-digitally. Like playing Pakanga or playing a game on a console. At 6:30 We'd prepare dinner, and at 6:45, we'd serve the chicken wings and pizza. 6:55 Free time, and at 9:00 We'd go to bed and say goodbye.


Whainga Ako : Compare the two clothing styles of 2017 and the 1940s. After, write which one would you prefer.

There is a huge difference is clothing styles. In the 1940s, it looks formal and nice. However, in 2017, it is just razz and jazz, The style, erupted out and spread like wild fire. Tees (T-Shirts), Caps, Shorts, Sunglasses. The only time we see formal, is at funerals and weddings, and at special occasions. 

I prefer the 2017 style, because It's the 21st Century, I am definitely not a fan of formal. I see formal as sticking to your skin and itchy skin. The formal clothing standards for me, is just a bow tie. I don't hate the 1940s. We need to respect it, because it could be a massive milestone of design the past.


Whainga Ako : What is your favourite dessert? Write the recipe and place a picture.

Mmmm... Shaved Ice!

RECIPE FOR SHAVED ICE. (pat-bing-soo, in South Korea)

  • Around 5-7 ice cubes.
  • Sweet Red Beans
  • Milk or Cream
  • Any fruit, of choice (OPTIONAL)
1. Gather Ingredients.
2. Put the 5-7 ice cubes in a shaved ice maker.
3. Place Bowl under, and hold under the blade.
4. Use, and collect ice shards in the bowl
5. Place a little amount of milk/cream.
6. Pour any amount of sweet red beans.
7. Enjoy!

(I just found out, patbingsoo is a version of shaved ice.)

Friday, December 22, 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 1


Whainga Ako : Find three facts on the panui, Maui and the giant fish.


1. Maui has been continuously asking his brothers, for the permission to come fish with him, unfortunately, the brothers always make a believable excuse for Maui, for him not to come.

2. Maui's brother claim that Maui is the best fisher out of all of them, for catching the fish, with a karakia.

3. The giant fish that maui caught after thousands and hundreds of years became the North Island and the waka became the South Island.

I have read other stories about Maui, one of them is something about, finger nails of fire. When he stole the village's fire, to experiment what would happen. He ventured off to his grandmother's place and he got one finger nail that was on fire.

Maui wasted it in a stream nearby, and kept going back and repeating this four times. When the fingernails were all gone, she started on her toe-nails. He wasted them as well, his grandmother in fury, became infuriated because of Maui's trickery. She became a monster burning in bright flames.

Maui shape-shifted into a hawk to escape. His tail feathers became singed instead. He became a fish and tried to swim away, but the water was scalding hot! He called upon his ancestor Tawhirimatea to make it rain, the entire place was flooded, Maui's grandmother became nothing but a memory.

The fire spread around the entire place, and fire was placed inside the trees. The village soon found out that the fire was in the wood, by rubbing it together. Maui's mother asked him "You haven't been naughty to your grandmother, right? Maui replied speechless (or something...).


Whainga Ako : Make a letter to a friend about a voyage to New Zealand, and make sure to include your feelings/emotions. E.g. I was really nervous...

We set sail to New Zealand, my feet are shaking, maybe I was cold? Anyways, we set off on our adventure to Aotearoa. My feet are still shaking, my nerves were literally wrecked. I hoped I wasn't an odd fellow. Anyways everyone here was suprisingly friendly and laughed at my mistakes, I feel this truly is my home.

To Chili
From your best bud, Edward.



Whainga Ako : Watch this video on Waka Ama and write if you'd want to be in a Waka Ama race one day. Why or why not?

I'd love to be in a Waka Ama race, I've never been on in a kayak race, so this would be a perfect opportunity for me. I would encourage and support my team mates before the race as well, so we'd be at our full potential!!



Whainga Ako : Compare both the Wharepuni and your own house. What are the similarities and differences?

Similarities : A place for people to sleep in.       Differences : Made with bark, timber and fern.
                       Some parts are built with wood.                           Has a traditional Marae look.



Whainga Ako: Draw a picture of your dream job and post on to your blog!

Being a chef cooking dishes is my dream job!



Whainga Ako : What is your favourite food? Place a picture representing the food that is your favourite! Be sure to tell us what it is, and you could also include the recipe!

Korean Fried Chicken!
Korean fried chicken is a type of fried chicken, korean fried chicken is unique to other fried chicken because of it's spice and overall appearance.

There's nothing to hate about this type of fried chicken. It's sticky and it is crunchy as soon as you bite into it. I'm also an asian, so I'm literally a spice addict.
Spice + My favourite food = The best thing ever!! (for me)


Whainga Ako : Write about how you would feel, if you had nine siblings in the 1800s.

I would probably be annoyed, by their trickery and noise. Since I'm the oldest I have to take care of nine children, when my parents are away at work. To be honest, I'm quite lazy, so I'd love being with iwa tamariki, when I'm particularly lazy at one point. I'd ask one of them to get me something, and I'd get that someone something one day. 



Whainga Ako : Write your own pepeha.

Ko putahi te maunga.
Ko Waioro te awa.
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka.
Ko Ngapuhi te iwi.
Ko Kaikohekohe te hapu.
Ko Kohewhata te marae.
Ko Ellie raua ko Don oku matua.
Ko Edward toku ingoa.

(I don't know my founding ancestor, I'm from South Korea.)

Whainga Ako : Make two fun facts out of each member of your whanau.

Sophie : Most spoilt in the family, asking mum to buy her something every week.
               Known as the cutest in the family.

Helen : Knows how to search, type on a computer, as a six year old.
             Also a massive show-off to mum.

Me (Edward) : Most academic male in Kaikohe West School 2017.
                          I am allergic to soap on my back, if I do put soap on my back, my hands will
                          become swollen.

Kerry : Is a master of origami, can make a 3D DNA strand, dinosaurs, etc...
            Most creative in the family.

Lana : Worst enemy is me, but loves everyone else in the family. :(
            The second oldest child in the family, at an age of 16.

Jeremy : Knows how to play the ukelele.
                Has gone to the most schools in our whanau, One for kindegarten, Year 1 - 5, Year
                6, Intermediate, college and university.

Ellie (Mum) : The most thoughtful in the whanau.
                       Also, in the next 5 years, will be the shortest.

Don or Dawn (Dad) : A great fishermen, once caught two massive Kauais in forty-five minutes and brought the first electronic device to our whanau in 2007.



Whainga Ako : Go through a different waiata, and see which one is your favourite, write down why?


The song that we used in Term 3, Waiata Concert. We all learnt this song together, this is the most used song, (I think) in term three and maybe in term four. This waiata is a barrage of lyrics repeated once, then ends of with a 'Hii!' and pukana!


Whainga Ako : Find a game, tell us what the purpose is and two rules.

Poi Toa

Poi Toa is a game to develop strength, evasiveness and timing, it was used by maori warriors to improve their skills on the Taiahu and Patu.

* No throwing the poi, directly over the waist deliberately.

* The poi must keep moving and cannot stop, as soon as it starts.



Whainga Ako : Watch these three videos, (already watched) and rank them from lowest and highest.

3. Te iti Kahurangi
I didn't really like this waiata, because of the kotero, mostly being heard, instead of the tama. I also didn't like this, I didn't have what I was expecting.

2. Tamatea Arikinui
I liked this waiata from the start, to be honest, I thought I was going to put it on my number one spot, I believe that it was a wonderful peformance, I didn't put it on my number 1 spot, because it didn't have enough 'oomph'.

1. Te Puku o Te Ika
This waiata, was the best. I didn't really like the singing, but when the caller came out, I was definitely hooked. From that point, I knew it was going to be on the number one spot. I would give it an overall rating of, 9.5 out of 10.


Whainga Ako : Translate the phrases, from english to maori or vice versa.

  1. Nau mai ki Aotearoa.
  2. (Welcome to New Zealand)
  3. ____ is my name.
  4. (Ko Edward toku ingoa)
  5. What is your name?
  6. (He aha te ingoa?)
  7. He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro.
  8. (I like to play rugby)
  9. Where do you come from?
  10. (No hea koe?)


Whainga Ako : Find three fun things you can do if you're a visitor in Waitangi.

1. You can view the regularly-held kapa-haka performances.
2. You can take a tour along the Waitangi River or walk through the small garden that goes around the treaty house.
3. You can also visit the meeting house, holding one of the largest maori war-canoes, in the country of Aotearoa.



Whainga Ako : If you interviewed, Bill Kini, and asked him four questions what would it be?

1. What inspired you to do this?

2. Do you have more gold medals than silvers and bronze?

3. On the first competition/contest, did you feel like giving up?

4. What do you love most about this? (e.g. Glory and Making your whanau proud)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Summer Learning Journey

My posts will now be activities for the Summer Learning Journey!

I will be posting a small amount of activities, every week. (On random days.)

Image result for summer learning journey
The heading for the Summer Learning Journey...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

15th Whiringa-a-rangi 2017


Whainga Ako :
Create a google slides presentation with six or more slides, this must include a facts page, a revision, a video (that relates to Ohinemutu.) and some images of famous things in Ohinemutu.

This is the presentation that starts our amazing journey to Rotorua!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The maori leaders arrive, the third installment!

30th August 2017

Note : It's called the third instalment because it was Rahiri first then Matariki and now this.

What is the learning? :  We learnt about maori leaders, including Christian Huriwai, Willie Apiata and a whanau leader, in a bunch of activities like, a Cloze Activity, Scrambled sentences and a ton more.

Whainga Ako: Learn information about these Maori leaders, and finish the activities and then compile all the mahi together, and finally post to blog, we also learnt stronger words to use in our tuhituhi, for example instead of uncertainly, replace it with scarcely.

WHAT DID I FIND CHALLENGING? : On the compiling for this presentation, ALL of the sentences were highlighted white looked weird, so I took out the white highlighting, and it was the messiest mess that ever existed.

WHAT DID YOU FIND ENJOYING? : Definitely, choosing the fonts and doing the graffiti wall, I used two of my favourite fonts, LEMON and BOOGALOO, (Christian Huriwai Titles are Boogaloo and Willie Apiata and Whanau leader is lemon.) The graffiti wall is awesome too, because, you get to choose a variety of colours, and spray paint it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What do these mysterious words mean? Tokohia and E hia!

15th August 2017 - 21st August 2017

Whainga Ako : Learn what kupu "Tokohia" and "E hia mean, and find out ways how to use them in sentences.

What is the learning? Our learning is to show what E hia and Tokohia mean, and show our work, by using these maori kupu in sentences, so we can use them more efficiently.

E hia : How many objects and animals.

Tokohia : How many people.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Simple words of kindness

Whainga Ako: Use kind words to promote positive ahua in our kura.

What is the learning? 
To help us to be expressive in our kura by using the kind words we have used in our presentation. These kind words make others feel welcome, safe and happy. We want everyone to feel happy.

In short...  Express your positive emotions, to make other people feel positive as well.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Eyes of the magical Ariki

Whainga Ako: Listen to the matariki story on YouTube then, then add our own pictures to the story, and write the story into a google slides presentation.

What did you find challenging? : Drawing the pictures, took around 10-20 minutes, and it was the most challenging part of the mahi.

What does your digital item represent? : My full google slides presentation, that includes the entire story of the Eyes of Ariki, remade by me.

What did you do to learn it? I replayed the YouTube video many times, to get the words correct, I also looked at the pictures several times to get it correct.

What might you do differently next time? : Use poly-lines instead of normal lines, because you can't change the lines fill colour, also change the shape of Ranginui and Papatuanuku.

What was the best part? : Starting the matariki story definitely, I love starting new things.
Why did you do this? :  It was the matariki unit, for five weeks, so we had to do matariki mahi.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mindful colouring & Dot to dot

MFC = Mindful colouring & D2D = Dot to Dot

Whainga Ako (Mindful colouring): I am putting colour in, NOT colouring in, we were allowed to use only four colours, into the magical picture.

Whainga Ako (Dot to Dot): Use a ruler and a pencil, in famous structures and celebrities, rebuilding or remaking, their face or building, and we also joined the dots, by numbers using a Ruler.

What did you find challenging (MFC) : Looking for a good place to put colour in, you CAN'T use the colour randomly and scribble.

What did you find challenging (D2D) : Looking for the numbers, sometimes the numbers in the dot to dot was poorly placed, you'd have to look further out into the building.

What have you been learning? (MFC) : I have been learning to putting colour into a picture of a forest or a castle, putting little parts of colours can make a massive difference.

What have you been learning? (D2D) : I have been learning to use my ruler properly, and learning different facts, about the building.

What does your digital item represent? (MFC & D2D) : It represents my work, when I collaborated with Chili, we did Mindful colouring and Dot to Dot.

What did you do to master it? (MFC) : By viewing and examining, the examples in the Mindful colouring pukapuka.

What did you do to master it? (D2D) : By listening to the teacher, and following her instructions, and having past experience with doing Dot to Dot.

What was your favourite part? (MFC) : After fifteen minutes, we got to view the classes work, sometimes people just focused on two of their favourite colours.

What was your favourite part? (D2D) : Competition, Me and my friends would usually, just say the number we were on, then see who would be first.

Why did you do this? (D2D & MFC) : It was for a treat, for working so well, in Diary Writing, this was our Art and Pangarau.

Friday, April 7, 2017


Nau mai haere mai ki tēnei taonga. Welcome to your very own blog for learning. We look forward to seeing you share your learning with your teachers, your school, your family and friends anywhere.