Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The maori leaders arrive, the third installment!

30th August 2017

Note : It's called the third instalment because it was Rahiri first then Matariki and now this.

What is the learning? :  We learnt about maori leaders, including Christian Huriwai, Willie Apiata and a whanau leader, in a bunch of activities like, a Cloze Activity, Scrambled sentences and a ton more.

Whainga Ako: Learn information about these Maori leaders, and finish the activities and then compile all the mahi together, and finally post to blog, we also learnt stronger words to use in our tuhituhi, for example instead of uncertainly, replace it with scarcely.

WHAT DID I FIND CHALLENGING? : On the compiling for this presentation, ALL of the sentences were highlighted white looked weird, so I took out the white highlighting, and it was the messiest mess that ever existed.

WHAT DID YOU FIND ENJOYING? : Definitely, choosing the fonts and doing the graffiti wall, I used two of my favourite fonts, LEMON and BOOGALOO, (Christian Huriwai Titles are Boogaloo and Willie Apiata and Whanau leader is lemon.) The graffiti wall is awesome too, because, you get to choose a variety of colours, and spray paint it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What do these mysterious words mean? Tokohia and E hia!

15th August 2017 - 21st August 2017

Whainga Ako : Learn what kupu "Tokohia" and "E hia mean, and find out ways how to use them in sentences.

What is the learning? Our learning is to show what E hia and Tokohia mean, and show our work, by using these maori kupu in sentences, so we can use them more efficiently.

E hia : How many objects and animals.

Tokohia : How many people.